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At the heart of our distillery sits a 150-litre copper still, a true testament to our dedication to traditional distilling methods. Here, each batch of our spirits is meticulously crafted by our master distiller, ensuring that every drop embodies the essence of the Lake District.

What sets Pennington’s apart is our commitment to using botanicals foraged from the fells that surround us. From the vibrant hues of wild juniper and elder berries to the delicate fragrance of heather flowers, each botanical is handpicked with care, infusing our spirits with the unique flavours of the Lake District landscape.

As custodians of this pristine environment, we are committed to sustainability and stewardship. We take great care to ensure that our foraging practices are respectful of nature, leaving the fells as untouched and unspoiled as we found them. We use the power of the Sun to create Lakeland Moon with our 150L copper column still harnessing solar energy from over 70 solar panels across the roofs of the distillery allowing us to keep our running costs down and reduce the environmental impact of each and every drop we distill.

Experience the magic of Pennington’s firsthand with a visit to our distillery. Join us for a guided tour, where you can witness the art of distilling in action and learn about the unique botanicals that flavour our spirits. Afterwards, relax in our cozy bar and sample our range of handcrafted delights.

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