Ultimate Liqueur Lovers Bundle


Our Ultimate Liqueur Lovers bundle is the perfect way to enjoy a selection of our best-selling liqueurs:

50cl Kendal Mint Cake Liqueur 24%

Created in 1990 from an original recipe by Mike Pennington and inspired by the legendary Kendal Mint Cake, the liqueur was developed by blending fresh peppermint and smooth chocolate, focussing on a great mouth-feel that delivers a burst of mint at the front followed by a complimentary astringent chocolate flavour. Enjoy Kendal Mint Cake Liqueur as an apéritif, after dinner delight or simply on its own but preferably in the company of good friends.

50cl Bakewell Gin Liqueur 20%

Pennington’s Bakewell Gin Liqueur is a small batch artisan product created in the English Lake District National Park.  An inviting and versatile liqueur with a tang of sweet raspberry complemented by soft almond and the memories of Granny’s baking. Mike Pennington recommends serving Bakewell Gin Liqueur with Fever Tree Sicilian Lemonade. For the more adventurous, visit our cocktails page to discover some unique ways of imbibing Bakewell Gin Liqueur.

50cl Honeycomb Gin Liqueur 20%

Honeycomb Gin Liqueur tantalises the senses combining buttery, cindered caramel with Pennington’s Gin to deliver a smooth and sweet honeycomb delight – Reminiscent of Bonfire nights and Grandad’s favourite toffees. A classic liqueur flavour with the usual Pennington’s twist to provide a truly memorable experience in every glass.

We highly recommend serving over ice with a traditional lemonade, ginger beer or ginger ale. For the more adventurous, use as the base in a cocktail – we have some great suggestions here – or a hot toddy.


Please not this option is only applicable if you choose to have your bundle gift wrapped.

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